[mythtv-users] Freeview & Freesat combined (UK DVBT & DVBS)

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Mon Mar 16 17:56:52 UTC 2009

2009/3/16 Mike Holden <mythtv at mikeholden.org>:
> Andre Newman wrote:
>> I don't have any xmltv ids right now so channel ID's and names should
>> match. I'll try matching those before I introduce another variable
>> like uk_rt.
> Just to reiterate, callsign needs to match, nothing else matters!
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I have a combi DVB-T and DVB-S(2) setup that combines the channels.

I get all my information solely from EIT.

I did have channel 'management' issues at the outset and to simplify
my life in the end I did the following......

mythweb -->  MythTV (on the 'command' line, extreme left)  -->
Settings  -->  TV  -->  Channel Info

This will give you a complete list of the channels and their channel num

On the right hand sign there's an option box for each channel labelled 'visible'

Deselect the visible option for channels that are duplicated on DVB-S
(you can even renumber the channel order if you like and you can have
duplicate channel numbers as long as only one is selected visible).

In a nutshell I get the bulk of my channels from DVB-T and then
supplement the following DVB-S channels

Film 4+1, BBC 1&2 (NI & Scotland for sports not broadcast in England),
ITV NI and STV (Same reason), BBC HD, ITV HD, Bloomberg, CNN, Al Jaz,
CNBC, France 24 and a few other (radio stations et all)

The channel numbering makes sense and I have no channel 17438 type
problems (All TV is up to 299, all radio is 300+), for example BBC HD
is 201, ITV HD is 202 Four HD is 204.

When choosing to watch a show I'll make sure I don't choose "record on
any channel" any more, instead I choose "record at any time on Channel
blah blah", If I want a fallback I'll set up two record jobs (this is
easier to manage later as well).

The system is set up for Multirec and I have two Nova 500 cards so in
effect 4 Physical Tuners and 8 Virtual Tuners (I have 2 Hard Disk's in
the system to spread load in case of problems), multirec works fine
and I've had 6 Terrestrial records happening at the same time as 2 Sat
records (the sat cards are in a separate slave BE), I don't think Sat
works for Multirec (although I've never really investigated as It's
rare I have two sat records going).

Hope this helps

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