[mythtv-users] Downscale HD recordings with ffmpeg

Ben Gladwell bgladwell at goantiques.com
Mon Mar 16 13:28:28 UTC 2009

> My goal is "visibly the same quality" and "light on file-size".
> I use this:
> ffmpeg -i source.mpg -vcodec libx264 -b 2772k -flags +loop -coder 1  
> -refs 2 -deblockalpha 0 -deblockbeta 0 -partitions +parti4x4 -partitions  
> +partp8x8 -partitions +partb8x8 -partitions +parti8x8 -me_method umh  
> -subq 7 -me_range 24 -cmp +chroma -bf 0 -b_strategy 1 -g 250 -keyint_min  
> 25 -sc_threshold 40 -maxrate 4500k -r 25 -qmin 16 -qmax 32 -s 896x720  
> -aspect 16:9 -acodec libfaac -ab 192k -ar 48000 -ac 6 -f mpegts result.ts
> ffmpeg doesn't produce 100% mpegts files, they don't play on an  
> PopCornHour STB, I have to remux with tsMuxeR to get it 100%.
> Henk Schoneveld

I'm interested in ffmpeg and I think I've got the basics down.  How can
I learn more about the options you pass to it above (like +loop -coder
-refs etc)?  They're not in the man page and there's nothing about them
in /usr/share/doc/ffmpeg.  Are these options being passed directly to
the x264 encoder?

Thanks - Ben

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