[mythtv-users] exporting hd-pvr recordings

Robert McNamara robert.mcnamara at gmail.com
Sun Mar 15 22:05:33 UTC 2009

>    NuppelVideoPlayer* nvp = new NuppelVideoPlayer();
> instead of:
>    NuppelVideoPlayer* nvp = new NuppelVideoPlayer("avidemux_export",
> pginfo);
> I'm wondering if the fact that I'm still using the 1.0.53 beta firmware
> on my hd-pvr makes a difference - after all, this worked at one point,
> right?  That's why I'm wondering if I'm missing something - I've got
> hd-pvr recordings stacking up like planes during winter at Chicago
> O'Hare... ;)

It shouldn't matter, I run the same firmware-- it's far more likely,
though, that the packaged version of AVIDemux from your distro doesn't
meet the minimum SVN revision required for the patch/script to work
properly.  I truly haven't looked at that patch in a long while,
though, and it was a messy hack even when I first did it, which is why
I'm not eager to get back into making it work-- AVIDemux guys did a
bit of work to make the HD-PVR recordings work slightly better,
though, and as of the time I was last looking at it, that required
compiling AviDemux from source.


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