[mythtv-users] How to force frontends to play only from master backend?

William william_munson at comcast.net
Sun Mar 15 20:42:09 UTC 2009

Harry Coin wrote:
> Using 0.21 I need help to cause frontends to play from the 
> 'masterbackend' only, even though diskless other slave backends that 
> received and stored the shows are running on the same little net.
> I have some older, slower diskless PC's acting as slave backends.  
> These were just supposed to catch the video and put it on the common 
> nfs share, never host playbacks.   There is a master backend that has 
> an NFS share that all the frontends and backends can access.  The 
> masterbackend is fast, has quick disks and has a fast network connection.
> But, I've proven that the frontends actually don't actually pull from 
> the master backend either stream or nfs, but contact the slave backend 
> that recorded the video, cause that little underpowered thing to pull 
> the video from the nfs share, then stream it out to the frontend.    
> So, bad performance, choppy playback, dropped frames on recording and 
> so on.
> So, I really need to turn off any kind of playback activity / 
> streaming from all the diskless slave backends - but to have them 
> still be running to host the tuner cards and record shows.   Help please!
> Last, I'd appreciate some guidance about whether the frontends would 
> do better to use NFS to playback from the server, or cause the server 
> to stream -- and tell me how to direct the frontends to implement that 
> decision.
> Thanks much!
> Harry
There is an option to always stream from the backend with a check box on 
one of the setup screens, Sorry but I am not able to get to the system 
right now to give the specifics

I think its in mythtv-setup rather than the frontend setup.

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