[mythtv-users] RAM differences, was: will this system cut it ?

John Drescher drescherjm at gmail.com
Sun Mar 15 14:09:38 UTC 2009

>(I am
>> also one of those people who run a destructive badblocks on every disk I buy
>> - particularly before putting in any RAID array).

I do that if I have time when I am building a desktop system at work.
However for raid arrays (I only use raid 5 or 6 at work) I just run
badblocks on the entire array. If any drive gets kicked out of the
array during bad blocks I test the drive by itself using destructive 4
loop test. If it is okay (this happened 1 time) after that I put it
back in the array and determine what could have caused the problem. I
believe the one time this happened the sata cable was loose. I also do
a destructive badblocks test on any drive that begins acting up in any
system that I manage. If any errors at all are found during badblocks
I usually rma the drive.


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