[mythtv-users] RAM differences, was: will this system cut it ?

John Drescher drescherjm at gmail.com
Fri Mar 13 17:35:24 UTC 2009

>> As far as the high quality vs commodity RAM it is really just a
>> numbers game. In general there are usually not fundamental differences
>> between the performance of the RAM (assuming they have the same
>> specs). The commodity RAM just undergoes less stringent
>> testing/quality control. As a result they know they will have some
>> known higher failure rate and thus they can pick a price and warranty
>> that reflects that. It is basically a way for the chip fabs to
>> increase their yields and the distributors to hit different market
>> segments. The strategy is used in one form or another for virtually
>> all electronics. If you don't mind a higher probability of failure and
>> the possibility of doing an RMA then go with the cheaper stuff. If
>> having a lower probability of dealing with that stuff is worth an
>> extra $10 then go for it.

I fully agree with that.

> Makes sense, that's the sort of info I was looking for.
> So I guess if the memory is installed and working, it is not any different
> from the high-priced stuff, there is just a slightly higher chance of it not
> working in the first place, or failing later on?
I have never seen ram fail later on in any of the 200+ machines I have
built. It usually is DOA or you notice the problem within the first
few months of usage.


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