[mythtv-users] RAM differences, was: will this system cut it ?

John Drescher drescherjm at gmail.com
Fri Mar 13 15:35:09 UTC 2009

> NewEgg is in the business of selling stuff, so they have a strong motivation
> to steer me towards the higher-priced products, so I think I would prefer
> independant reviews.
I tend to trust the reviews on newegg more than the reviews on review
sites because individual users do enter the data and newegg does add
negative user reviews at least they do that for me. I have added at
least 1/2 dozen "poor" ratings. At review sites I am not sure at all
if the company they are reviewing is paying them and also I have no
idea exactly how many of a product they tested and were these bought
at a store or were they free ones that were hand picked from the
> Not that I think NE would intentionally mislead me, I have had good
> experiences with them, but on principle...
> The only two DIMMs is have ever had fail once they were in service were both
> Corsair, but that's hardly a large enough sample to be meaningful.
In the past I have had a few problems with crucial and the chips they
use (micron technology) but that was years ago. More recently patriot
memory has given me fits (did not work in dual channel) but with some
shuffling of systems I got the dimms to work at a slower speed but
stable in the primary file server at work.


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