[mythtv-users] minimum card requirements for VDPAU

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Thu Mar 12 13:59:33 UTC 2009

On Thursday 12 March 2009 07:50:32 James Stembridge wrote:
> 2009/3/12 Andrew Close <aclose at gmail.com>:
> > i would think that purchasing with a credit card would take care of
> > the currency exchange issues.  or is it just that the online stores
> > don't offer shipping options outside the continental US?
> > if that's the case then we need to set something up to help our geek
> > friends abroad...
> US stores frequently don't offer international shipping. Those that do
> tend to charge so much that it becomes uneconomical, particularly when
> you then have to add duty and VAT on top.

If the shipper has to calculate, collect and then send to the appropriate 
government all of those taxes, I can certainly see why they might not want to 
bother with it, especially a smaller outfit.

So you're saying the problem is the US vendors? It may just be a case of not 
enough potential business to justify the costs involved.

Credit cards would seem to take care of exchange rate issues, but varying tax 
codes in each country could be a pain.

I've wondered why merchandise I receive from Canada has customs forms 
attached, I thought we had "Free Trade" in North America.

beww at beww.org

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