[mythtv-users] minimum card requirements for VDPAU

Rev Simon Rumble simon at rumble.net
Wed Mar 11 06:07:24 UTC 2009

This one time, at band camp, sonofzev at iinet.net.au wrote:

> This is my problem, I've been searching and searching and it seems to be
> conflicting information. 

I think unless you're brave, it seems to be a wait and see thing here.

> Yep trying to find it, without much luck, but this seems like a good call (going
> with a 9xxx card). It's really the de-interlacing part of it that is the issue
> for me, I get very good playback of the HD files from the CPU. Unfortunately in
> Australia it appears that the HD channels all went to 1080i without thinking,
> 720p would have been much better for sports, but we are all about big numbers
> here in Australia.

ABC and SBS are 720p, and they look fine.  I do wonder about the other 
channels being 1080i.  You do notice the better resolution, but I would 
agree they'd be better using 720p for sports.  Thing is, doesn't DVB-t 
allow dynamic resolution changes, so they actually could switch to a 
progressive option for sports?

Personally, I watch vanishingly small amounts on the commercial 
channels, so it's a moot point for me.

> On CPU based de-interlacing I get up to greedy high motion 1X
> on my CPU but anything after that it starts to jitter... (any recommendations
> here would also be accepted)... I'll be separating the back and frontends so
> maybe I can just OC the thing instead as the frontend won't be on 24 hours anymore.  

I'm hoping my Via EPIA ME6000 will be able to take a PCI VDPAU card so I 
can have a rather simple upgrade to HD, and still enjoy a frontend with 
no moving parts.  But the card I end up choosing will need to do just 
about everything in hardware, or it won't work.

But I'm willing to wait until things settle down.

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