[mythtv-users] Audio lags when transcoding 720p from cable box firewire

Andreas Schlehahn linuxdreas at dslextreme.com
Wed Mar 11 00:25:03 UTC 2009

Am Dienstag 10 März 2009 16:28:24 schrieb Robert McNamara:
> Considering there's support for AAC audio in .21 if compiled
> correctly, and nobody intends to remove it, chances are extremely good
> it'll still be there in .22 ;).  (--enable-libfaad)

I could never get it to work for anything other than stereo sound. All my DVD 
rips with AAC audio and 5.1 channels only work in mplayer, but not in MythTV's 
internal player. That is with 0.21fixes. Maybe it's better with a pre-0.22 
version compiled from current trunk.

Andreas Schlehahn

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