[mythtv-users] shocking hardware issue

Josh White jaw1959 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 10 19:25:29 UTC 2009

One of my frontends has been acting up lately, and today I found a
disturbing symptom:  I went to restart the machine, by pressing and holding
the power button (since it seemed to be unresponsive) and as I approached
the button with my finger, I received what felt like a static shock, and the
machine reset, without my actually touching the machine at all.

When the machine booted, it said had lost he BIOS settings, and I had to
press F1 to adjust my settings, or F2 to run the defaults.  The case is an
Antec Fusion (silver), and it uses the stock 400w power supply that came
with it.  Until now, the machine has behaved normally.  I did recently add a
tuner card to the machine, which has a coax analog cable cord connected to
it.  In addition to the tuner card, I have a PS/2 keyboard, USB mouse, Cat 6
network wire, USB Windows MCE remote receiver, and a normal power cord
connected to it. It connects to my TV with a RGB TV-out from an 8400GS card,
and stereo, analog audio.

I have little reason to believe there is a probelm with the ground wire (in
the wall outlet), but could this be a first symptom of that, or perhaps an
issue with the powerstrip it's plugged into?

FYI, the machine did boot fine after this, and seemed to work.  The only
symptom I had noticed before this is that my remote control would seem
unresponsive, and then minutes later, would suddenly act on all the input I
had tried to give (like to skip a commercial; nothing would happen during
the commercial, but a few minutes into the next segment, it would skip ahead
as though I had pressed the forward button several times).

Any thoughts?
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