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Sun Mar 1 18:40:12 UTC 2009

witched to unencrypted QAM, which means I can pick them up with my dual
tuner HD-Homerun.
Hopefully, if they stick to a mapping they don't change every week, I should
just be able to pick up the channels I lost via HD-HR, which admittedly
won't be too bad (they might even look slightly better).

> And again, this is all to get recordings of the channels I pay for. I
> can get the low channels with an HDHR efficiently but the family will
> revolt as we watch the same small list of channels similar to Marc
> Merlin's post. Without that list I'm likely to receive divorce
> papers...

Err, you lost me here. If you can get the channels through HD-HR, why do you
say that you'll end up with fewer channels?

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