[mythtv-users] Upgrade and problems with 32kHz audio

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Sun Mar 8 12:57:10 UTC 2009

On 03/08/2009 03:15 AM, Ray wrote:
>>> Ray wrote:
>>>> I recently upgraded to the latest Mythtv version and I'm having 
>>>> problems with some of my older recordings that were recorded with 
>>>> an audio sampling rate of 32000 Hz.  These are Mpeg4 files from a 
>>>> bt878 card and probably using btaudio (they were recorded back in 
>>>> 2003 & 2004).  The videos play fast and the audio sounds like 
>>>> chipmunks.  My recent recordings done with a PVR-500 card play just 
>>>> fine.  I tried transcoding one of these problem videos with a 
>>>> profile that specifies 48kHz audio sample rate but mythtranscode 
>>>> just copied the audio.  I've tried setting playback to "use video 
>>>> as time base but that didn't help either.
>>>> Is there anything I can do to either get Mythtv to play these shows 
>>>> correctly or to transcode them into something Myth will play? 
> That may be, I did upgrade my OS from Debian "Sarge" to Debian "Etch" 
> at the same time as the Mythtv upgrade so it's possible that the newer 
> Alsa code requires a different config file however these files really 
> did play just fine in Myth for the past 5 years on this computer.  
> FWIW I have Myth set to use "ALSA:default" for it's output and mplayer 
> seems to handle these same files just fine with -ao 
> alsa:device=default which should be the same in terms of the audio 
> path shouldn't it?  I'm also having these same symptoms when using my 
> laptop for the front end.  The laptop is a bog standard Ubuntu 8.10 
> and it's old enough hardware to be analog only.

Is the new Debian using Pulse or some other unsupported sound server?


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