[mythtv-users] deinterlacing test clip

Richard Woelk richardwoelk at yahoo.ca
Wed Mar 4 23:55:23 UTC 2009

Dan Christensen wrote:
> Can anyone recommend (or create?) a video clip that tests various
> aspects of deinterlacing quality?  I'm imagining something that includes
> samples of real movies, some with slow panning, others with fast action,
> some sports, some text scrolling with talking heads, some difficult
> textures, and some artificially created content (e.g. alternate
> scanlines, other tough cases).  (Maybe even mix in different frame rates,
> and throw in a progressive section?)  Pack it into a minute or two so one
> can quickly evaluate a deinterlacer.
> Ideally, each portion would include some text describing what artifacts
> to look for, maybe even with a circle around the region(s) to focus on.
> (Subtitles?  Text encoded into the video?)
> And ideally it would come in 480i and 1080i versions.
> Has anyone seen such a thing?  Any volunteers to put one together?
> It could become a standard, making conversations about deinterlacing
> quality more concrete.
> A related thought:  wouldn't it be nice if while watching a video, one
> could pull up a menu and select the renderer and the deinterlacer?
> Dan

I found this little program (attached) a while back that generates a raw 
YUV video file, it could easily be modified for 1080i

- Richard

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