[mythtv-users] Advice on Partitions

Jonno jonnojohnson at gmail.com
Wed Mar 4 13:51:51 UTC 2009

On Wed, Mar 4, 2009 at 7:50 AM, Jonno <jonnojohnson at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Wed, Mar 4, 2009 at 7:33 AM,  <jarpublic at gmail.com> wrote:
>> It says that the username and password were not set in mysql.txt.
>> Usually there is a file with the mythtv login info located in
>> /etc/mythtv/mysql.txt. Check if that file is there and if it has the
>> correct information in it it. You can also try logging in from the
>> command line like: 'mysql -u mythtv -p mythconverg'. That will prompt
>> you for your mythtv mysql password. If you can log in from the command
>> line. Then you just need to make sure that the same username and
>> password are in the mysql.txt file.
>> Also if they database is up and you can log int then you can use
>> mythweb to see if there are problems with mysql. Open up mythweb and
>> go to the settings page there is a database section. You can ask it to
>> check the mythtv tables. You can also tell it to repair them if
>> something minor got corrupt.
> You're right. It looks like this file was replaced (see below). If my
> actual database is still ok how would I find out the password? Or
> alternatively how do I start over with the MySQL database without
> reinstalling everything.
> jonno at jonno-mythbuntu:~$ cat /etc/mythtv/mysql.txt
> DBHostName=localhost
> # By default, Myth tries to ping the DB host to see if it exists.
> # If your DB host or network doesn't accept pings, set this to no:
> #
> DBHostPing=no
> DBUserName=
> DBPassword=
> DBName=
> DBType=
> # Set the following if you want to use something other than this
> # machine's real hostname for identifying settings in the database.
> # This is useful if your hostname changes often, as otherwise you
> # will need to reconfigure mythtv (or futz with the DB) every time.
> #
> #LocalHostName=my-unique-identifier-goes-here
> # If you want your frontend to be able to wake your MySQL server
> # using WakeOnLan, have a look at the following settings:
> #
> #
> # The time the frontend waits (in seconds) between reconnect tries.
> # This should be the rough time your MySQL server needs for startup
> #
> #WOLsqlReconnectWaitTime=0
> #
> #
> # This is the number of retries to wake the MySQL server
> # until the frontend gives up
> #
> #WOLsqlConnectRetry=5
> #
> #
> # This is the command executed to wake your MySQL server.
> #
> #WOLsqlCommand=echo 'WOLsqlServerCommand not set'

FYI when I installed I left the default username (mythtv) and password
(don't know) for mysql.

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