[mythtv-users] New HD HomeRun problem

R. G. Newbury newbury at mandamus.org
Wed Mar 4 02:10:16 UTC 2009

Yan Seiner wrote:
> On Tue, March 3, 2009 12:01 pm, R. G. Newbury wrote:
>> Try recycling the power on your ROUTER.
>> Then, make sure that the router has not changed the IP address of the
>> hdhr.
>> Make sure that everything, including the channel standard is properly
>> set on the hdhr....
>> Most likely reason is that the router changed the IP of the hdhr. If you
>> can, reserve the hdhr's IP address by tying it to the MAC, since there
>> is no easy way to contact the hdhr under linux if the IP address keeps
>> changing.
> At least on my system (0.21) myth uses a broadcast to locate the HDHR. 
> Maybe once it's up it uses the IP address, but at least for the first
> detection it uses the 0xFFFFFFFF ID for the HDHR, which I'm assuming is
> some sort of "Hey HDHR, Wake up and tell me where you are" call.

Hmmm, I would have thought that things would be initiated by the HDHR, 
sending a DHCP broadcast at power-up, to commence a handshake with the 
router/DHCP server. Sometime later, the HDHR ends up with an IP address. 
The early hdhr firmware cannot actually *do* a full static address, but 
we can achieve the same result with IP-MAC reservation.
That handles the IP side, but not how myth finds the hdhr

So it makes sense that myth uses the device id or FFFFFFFF to ping the hdhr.

Does the hdhr answer with its IP address??? I don't know.

But if so that is some decidedly nice programming as it neatly sidesteps 
most of the problems with using a (variable) DHCP-served address.

But of course that doesn't help you and me if we want to be sure that 
the hdhr is there and operating properly, which is easier to do if the 
IP is static.


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