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Wed Jun 24 15:02:31 UTC 2009

If anyone has any ideas, I'd be very appreciative.

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I actually reinstall MythTV (for other reasons), but still having this issu=
e.<br><br>What I have tried so far:<br><br>1) Changed the owner/group both =
to mythtv<br>2) Changed the permissions to 777 (was 755)<br>3) Moved the ch= script to mythtv&#39;s home directory (/home/mythtv)<br>
<br>No change.=A0 Works from the command line (even when run as user mythtv=
).=A0 When run from MythTV, I see the IR blaster flashing, but the &quot;ch=
annel&quot; is changed from within MythTV, not the cable box.<br><br><br>I =
took a couple of pictures; maybe they will help.=A0 Unsure of the policy of=
 posting links, so add http:// to the links...<br>
<br>From the command line (works): <a href=3D"
V#5387679574628625874</a><br><br>From within MythTV (doesn&#39;t work, but =
the IR blaster flashes): <a href=3D"
<br><br><br>If anyone has any ideas, I&#39;d be very appreciative.<br><br>


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