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Wed Jun 24 15:02:31 UTC 2009

Nvidia...moves all deinterlacing to the grpahics card and more...<br></bloc=
kquote><div><br>Be careful with older nVidia stuff, they had major packagin=
g issues a while back, newer stuff should be ok though.<br><br>ATI onboard =
graphics are absolutly fantastic.... unless you want to use myth, although =
there seem to be more favourable reports with later/opensource ATI drivers.=
 It&#39;s still really nVidia for myth though.<br>
=A0<br></div><blockquote class=3D"gmail_quote" style=3D"border-left: 1px so=
lid rgb(204, 204, 204); margin: 0pt 0pt 0pt 0.8ex; padding-left: 1ex;">
On hard disks, I have great experience with Seagate in servers - but the<br=
past year I&#39;ve read about more problems with seagate combined with redu=
Seagate warranty. =A0That worries me...<br>
<div><div></div><div class=3D"h5"><br></div></div></blockquote><div>For HDs=
 I would recommend Hitachi, reliable, well priced and fairly decent RMA pro=
cedure too. (A friend had a few of the deathstars in a RAID a few years ago=
, they failed 1 by 1. :) )<br>
<br>Whilst home usage, and the small sample set of my friends can&#39;t rea=
lly provide any definitive statistics, I have (currently) got 11 HDs in reg=
ular use, 9 of them are HGST (well, ok a couple of the older ones are actua=
lly IBM they&#39;re that old. ;) ), 6 of these are in my home server which =
is on 24/7.<br>
<br>Seagate get good reviews but I&#39;ve personally had mixed experiences.=
 (My myth box has a 300G seagate which is fine, but I had a 1.2G one years =
ago that was funny, ditto the 8G one I bought a bit later on. Lots of peopl=
e have had issues with the latest 1.5T ones.)<br>
<br>I&#39;d avoid Western Digital and any of the &#39;cheap&#39; brands (Ma=
xtor and Samsung spring to mind.)<br><br>I&#39;ve had little experience wit=
h Fujitsu, only ever owning 2 of them. One failed, one is still running in =
my main PC with OS X on it. (It&#39;s a laptop drive too.)<br>


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