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Wed Jun 24 15:02:31 UTC 2009

Video hardware is an AMD/ATI 780g (Radeon HD 3200).  I'm using the Open
Source Radeon driver as the proprietary one doesn't get on with myth very

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On 22/07/09 12:45, Mark Garland wrote:
> Hi Steve,
> Your logs show the same as the issue I'm having, except mine doesn't just
> glitch, it completely locks.
> RingBuf(/video/1001_20090717183822.mpg): Waited 1.0 seconds for data to
> become available...
> /video would suggest that the front end is accessing the file directly and
> isn't streaming it from the backend.
> I've selected the "Always stream from Backend" option in the hope that
> was contention between the frontend and backend trying to access the same
> file, and that this would resolve it as only the backend would be trying
> get the file.  Too soon to say right now.
> I'm new to myth, so happy to be corrected by more experienced members...

I've had the "Always stream from Backend" selected as well. I'm not sure 
it improved things much.

However, I also decided to see if it was doing what it should be and 
unmounted /video and it then wouldn't play anything at all.

I'm not sure what that means, to be honest.

I'm fairly sure that it's the backend that creates the RingBuf file.

What distro are you running and what is your video hardware?

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