[mythtv-users] mce remote (lirc) fails after resume from standby

Alan Marchiori alan at alanmarian.com
Tue Jun 30 20:32:42 UTC 2009

>> Worked on the first try. I did one suspend-resume cycle and it also
>> seems to have solved the suspend-resume issue.
> Glad to hear. Was this with the little patch that I sent earlier? If so
> then I guess I need to send that patch to the lirc maintainers sooner
> rather than later...

Yes, I used your patch and can confirm now after multiple
suspend-resume cycles that my mce remote is still working fine.

> Keep in mind that an Ubuntu update of your lirc packages will probably
> overwrite your local lirc 0.8.5 installation.

This point has been noted several times :) maybe with some luck the
next lirc update will include the patch.

thanks again,

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