[mythtv-users] gentoo, latest mythtv - mythfrontend has no text

Erik Hovland erik at hovland.org
Tue Jun 30 18:46:40 UTC 2009

>> Are you running an nvidia card? are you using nv or nvidia drivers?
> I have a nvidia card in both computers. The same GeForce 6200. There
> is a slight version skew between the drivers. This is because of the
> different CPU architectures. But the drivers are both 180.x.

I now have the amd64 frontend working again. I am not sure what I did to
make it work. I did a lot:
1. Removed any and all (EE) items from the xorg.conf. Note that dri
    still tries to load by default in xorg-server 1.5.3-r6. Even with no Load
    entry in the xorg.conf. Doesn't seem to harm anything.
    a. Had to comment out several font dirs since 1.5.x doesn't use them and
        they are empty.
    b. Had to comment out a few options
2. Did an 'emerge -vuDN world' after linting through and removing dri from
    a. For some reason mytharchive requires that mjpegtools be pegged at
        less then 1.9.0. But the latest 1.8.x ebuild can't seem to
build on my system.
        It fails on the most basic of things (INT_MAX for example). I kludged
        mytharchive to allow 1.9.0. I DON'T suggest this for other
people actively
        using mytharchive.
    b. This emerge did not pick up mythtv itself or qt 3.3.x.
3. Upgraded my kernel from 2.6.25 to 2.6.27 and then to 2.6.29-gentoo-r5.
    I only checked the config for the necessary nvidia items. I also enabled
    the new MTRR feature in .29.
    a. Yes, I did do an 'emerge -v nvidia-drivers' w/ the correct /usr/src/linux
        symlink in case you are wondering.
4. I did an 'emerge -vD =qt=3.3.8-r1 mythtv mytharchive mythvideo \
   mythmusic mythweather'
5. Shortly there after I did a pkill mythfrontend. When init did the mingetty
   again it worked.

I did do a pkill or reboot (in the case of the kernel) after every step. But I
swear I did the pkill after the emerge of qt et al and still got nothing. Then
I commented out mingetty in /etc/inittab and did a pkill again expecting to
get the console prompt. But when I went in and turned on my TV there
was myth.

If anyone has any opinion about what provided the actual fix please feel
free to speculate. Especially since I have not replicated this incantation on
my x86 frontend yet. I plan to do that this evening.

I know that this is karma for me not submitting any patches to trac in
a few months. I should start doing that and see if my luck improves.


Erik Hovland
erik at hovland.org

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