[mythtv-users] Nuvexport, ffmpeg and x264 .mp4 fc10 issue - libx264 non monotone timestamps

Giacomo Shimmings giacomo_shimmings at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 30 14:00:43 UTC 2009

A small update...

Another similar problem has reared up here, using ffserver and streaming:


And more internet searching has brought this up:


Which shows that with my negative dts timestamps I should expect an issue:

Presentation delay of current frame in units of AVCodecContext.time_base. 

Set to INT_MIN when dts_sync_point unused. Otherwise, it must contain
valid non-negative timestamp delta (presentation time of a frame must
not lie in the past).

This delay represents the difference between decoding and presentation time of the frame.

For example, this corresponds to H.264 dpb_output_delay. 

Definition at line 3375 of file avcodec.h.

Referenced by av_parser_init(), compute_pkt_fields(), and h264_parse().

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