[mythtv-users] Problems about Slave Backend

Per Jørgensen myth at pbj-design.dk
Tue Jun 30 05:46:35 UTC 2009

Hey Listforum.

I have a problem with setting my SBE up and running.
I'm running MythTV on ArchLinux with the latest stable verseion.
But have a SBE - which I want to use - so it'll start when needed - this 
is also working with the script I've made using WOL.

But the problem is to shut it down.
Erlier I used to run SVN version - but all the changes in schemes F*** 
up my system - and in the end I ended up with the latest stable - But 
cannot figure out what to to - to make the SBE automaticly shut down 
When it's not needed for more than 30 secs. But unfortunably setting 
this param under
mythtv-setup -> General Settings
I've set it for waiting 15sec - if there's any recording for the next 10 
min. BUT it shuts down the masterbackend?
Is it possible to make this happend - carse in svn i though this was 
quite easy - but cannot make it work in the stable version - so have 
anybody an idea of what I'm doing wrong here.!

Per Jørgensen

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