[mythtv-users] XBMC Frontend Anyone?

Robert Johnston anaerin at gmail.com
Mon Jun 29 22:29:10 UTC 2009

On Mon, Jun 29, 2009 at 16:18, Andrew
Barbaccia<andrew.barbaccia at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> I've just recently started toying around with XBMC. I see there are several
> different ways to get it to interface with a MythBackend. Does anyone
> currently use one and can share their experiences?
> I see there are some nice themes with fan art built in. It would probably do
> a decent bit to the WAF since overall it feels more simplistic...

I currently use the myth:// handler, as it works well for what I need
it for. It is missing commercial skip, however, but that's not too
much of an issue for me, as I'm using a "Classic" XBox, and using the
left/right buttons on the remote gives a 1:30 skip (give or take).

It's also missing the scheduling, but as I use MythWeb for that, it's
not a problem.

They are intending to (and are) build in a generic PVR system, so any
backend system can plug into XBMC and have full scheduling and
commercial skip and the like. But as it is, that's a BIG task, and
only partially done.
Robert "Anaerin" Johnston

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