[mythtv-users] archiving on remote frontend

Richard Woelk richardwoelk at yahoo.ca
Mon Jun 29 13:22:46 UTC 2009

Nick Rout wrote:
> Tried to use mytharchive on a remote frontend last night to realise
> that it won't work.
> The backend does have a frontend installed (for historical reasons)
> but it is now in a cupboard.
> What process do people follow to archive to dvd in this circumstance?

    If you mount your recording partitions on the front end over nfs or 
smb, mytharchive works again.
I think it has to be the same path as on the backend
my example, my backend has two raids mounted at /disk1 and /disk2, my 
recordings are under /disk1/video and /disk2/video

My frontend also has nfs mounts to the same /disk1 and /disk2

Hope this helps,

- Richard

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