[mythtv-users] no seektable; rebuild doesn't work.

Ian Barton lists at manor-farm.org
Mon Jun 29 10:21:04 UTC 2009

> I've got a number of recordings I access via mythvideo (recorded on an 
> older incarnation of my Myth box) that come up with "no seektable" when 
> I try to edit them.
> Some are .nuv, some are .mpg. 
> "mythcommflag --rebuild --video <filename>" reports a successful 
> rebuild.  But, the file still reports "no seektable" when I try to edit it.
> I've tried the rebuild with -v all and it reports that it is building 
> filemarkup records like crazy, and they are there.
> (Shouldn't it be building seektable records?)
> Any ideas what I should try next?  If you want to see some output, just 
> say what.

The following should work for the mpg files:

mythtranscode --showprogress --honorcutlist --mpeg2 -c channel_id -s 
starttime -o outfile.mpg

Replace channel_id and starttime with the appropriate values for your 


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