[mythtv-users] Channel names scanned as Asian symbols in PPC-G4 linux backend and HDHomeRun

TJ Harris tjharris at weaselworkz.com
Sun Jun 28 17:47:04 UTC 2009

I am running a backend on a PowerPC G4 system (Mac Mini 1.42GHz PPC
G4) running Ubuntu Linux.  My tuner is a HDHomeRun box with the latest
firmware.  Myth version is 0.21-fixes ( 20696 ).  Source is ATSC OTA
in the SanFran Bay Area.

When I do a channel scan from within mythtv-setup, the channel info,
callsigns, etc. show up as Asian symbols/characters.   Doing a scan
with hdhomerun_config shows the expected channel names & callsigns.
The Asian symbols only show up when scanning from within mythtv.
The same behavior happened with an earlier build of mythtv, and
earlier HDHomeRun firmware (updating both didn't effect it).

I also have an x86-64 Linux backend using a different HDHR tuner
connected to cable, and that one scans channels just fine (I am
guessing the same PSIP data is passed on through the cable system).

Has anyone else seen this behavior?   Has anyone else done a mythttv
HDHomeRun scan with a Big Endian CPU?

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