[mythtv-users] Ubuntu upgrade from 8.10 -> 9.04?

Kingsley Turner krt at krt.com.au
Fri Jun 26 05:50:52 UTC 2009

Shadowfirebird wrote:
> Anyone done this on a MythTV box?  How did it go -- any gotchas I 
> should watch for?

I've been having 1 problem since the upgrade - it's only minor, but ...

The upgrade manager now seems to want to launch itself, and grab the focus.

However the MythTV Front-end must raise itself above the upgrade manager 
window, but ... it does not grab the focus.  

This gives me a very negative WAF, since it appears that the Myth box is 
locked up, since the focus is on a hidden window (which is rejecting all 
the standard keystrokes).

If someone knew of a setting to get the upgrade manager to get back into 
the task-bar where it belongs, that would be grand.  That said, it only 
happens once a week or so, and most of the time I find it first, so it's 
not a problem.


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