[mythtv-users] Compiling win32 under Vista fails with segmentation fault

Mark Wormgoor mark at wormgoor.com
Thu Jun 25 12:34:20 UTC 2009

Michel Meyers wrote:
> Hash: SHA1
> Hello,
> I'm just wondering if anybody else has this issue. I'm trying to compile
> the win32 build under Windows Vista (32-bit) and it keeps failing to
> compile QT:


> Does anybody else experience this issue? (Yes, I know I should probably
> report this to the mingw team, but not being a developer, I have a hard
> time fulfilling their 'Minimal Self-Contained Test Case' with the
> several hundreds of source MBs lingering in these directories.)
> I have already tried the current, previous and candidate releases of
> Mingw, they all bail out at the same spot. Any ideas or suggestions on
> how to debug or fix this would be greatly appreciated.

Isn't it better to start with the combined QT-MinGW?
Should make your life easier.

Kind regards,


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