[mythtv-users] vdpau sanity check

Nick Rout nick.rout at gmail.com
Thu Jun 25 04:14:42 UTC 2009

On Thu, Jun 25, 2009 at 3:11 PM, Justin The Cynical <cynical at penguinness.org
> wrote:

> Jean-Yves Avenard wrote:
>> 2009/6/25 Brad DerManouelian <bderman at gmail.com>:
>>> The TV offers PCM and RAW output. RAW passes the audio signal through
>>> without processing so as long as you're sending 5.1, you get 5.1 out.
>> This is not what's happening with either the Sony or Samsung I own...
>> They only ever output stereo when connected via HDMI to another
>> source... they never passthrough anything
> Per the manual for my Sammy, this is the case as well, it will output AC3
> only from OTA.  Any digital audio input is sent out as two channel.
> I'm thinking that it was done to appease the various media mafias, can't
> think of any other reason for it.

Well I've been thinking of channeling my spdif through my sony tv and out to
my surround amplifier so I don't need the surround system on all the time,
and simpler people can use the tv remote to adjust the volume, as  they
expect. However this thread has scuppered that idea!
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