[mythtv-users] Hard hangs on 0.21-fixes with HVR-2250 - suggestion or similar experiences?

Matt Beadon matt.beadon at gmail.com
Wed Jun 24 22:29:19 UTC 2009

On Wed, Jun 24, 2009 at 10:02 AM, Paul Gallaway <pgallaway at gmail.com> wrote:

> > Any suggestions for increased log levels that might shed light on this?
> Don't have a 2250 but have some suggestions.
> First, make sure you're not running the frontend or backend as root.


nope, I double checked and both BE&FE are running as mythtv

> Installing from source

I try to limit this and stick with debian packages otherwise I forget what I
did (and how) and things get really ugly...

> <snip>

> A hard lock indicates that the problem exists outside
> of MythTV so I'd suggest that MythTV is not directly the problem -
> although perhaps indirectly. Perhaps the new 2250 drivers require some
> additional code put into Myth in the past year plus to properly
> communicate with the driver. The driver, if in kernel space, could
> bring down the system; just a theory. At the very least look at
> getting a newer build from a repository.

agreed, but I was hoping that others were using HVR-2250 with myth and could
say if they'd seen and/or fixed similar issues.

I plan on keeping this current version until I see another hang (then I'll
grab tip again).  So far I've been up for 3 days through many recordings so
it might be the hangs were fixed by some other fiddling I've been doing.
See bottom.

The debian-multimedia testing
> repo has a build from April '09

I had a thread a while ago about updating to a newer 0.21-fixes (
http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/mythtv/users/384013#384013) and I
decided it wasn't worth while, but if these hangs continue I'll revisit that
also (after trying newer driver).

My experience: I had similar hard locks with Lenny (but no
> HVR-1600/2250 here) and a new hardware build on AMD64 although my
> crashes were daily. I tried everything I could think of. My problem
> went away when I converted my XFS file systems to EXT4.

I'm using EXT3 for everything with the "delete slowly" flag.

> My system has
> been running without crash for >two weeks now. As a result of my debug
> attempts and subsequent upgrades in pursuit of a solution, I am
> currently on Squeeze with the 2.6.29 kernel but the problem first
> manifested with 2.6.26 and Lenny. I used XFS without problem for a
> year or so in Etch and/or Lenny and i386 2.6.18 kernel. Not implying
> this is your problem but merely giving you other avenues to
> investigate. The second link with the response to my original post
> gives some sage advice with respect to hardware troubleshooting.
> http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/mythtv/users/384525#384525
> http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/mythtv/users/384538#384538

Thanks for info/suggestions Paul.  At the moment I'm more or less in a
holding pattern waiting to see if it continues to hang.

The things I've changed recently that probably don't but might have affected
these hangs:

1) added labels to my partitions and changed fstab to use the labels instead
of /dev/sd* - This had the surprising side effect that nmbd will now startup
properly.  Previously smbd would start on reboot but nmbd would not start
automatically even though /etc/init.d/samba restart would get both smbd/nmbd
up and running.  This one has me stumped but maybe it changed the order that
partitions are mounted in such a way that the shares weren't mounted when
nmbd tried to run before I added the labels.
2) I purged horde3 because it was dumping tons of stuff into my system
logs.  I wanted to try IMP but gave up trying to configure it since it was
so complicated and all I wanted was nicer looking webmail than squirrelmail.
3) I unplugged my USB flash card reader because it too was dumping tons of
junk into my system logs (~150 lines per minute in /var/log/messages!).  I
don't expect to use it often and when I tried it the first time it didn't
work OOTB so I unplugged it until I have time to figure out why it's so
4) I changed from Normal playback profile to using OpenGL on my GeForce 9300
because I thought it might improve the jaggies I saw on recordings.  They
were actually caused by bad SNR so I changed back to Normal last weekend in
case OpenGL was contributing to my hangs.
5) Plugged in my custom made internal SPDIF header to RCA jack cable so I
could use digital audio out from my myth FE instead of the headphone jack.
(I should have bought a mobo with digital audio on the back panel!)

That's all I can remember at the moment, and yes I know most of this stuff
should have no impact on hard hangs but ...  :)
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