[mythtv-users] vdpau sanity check

jansenj jansenj+myth at gmail.com
Wed Jun 24 15:59:29 UTC 2009

So I thought I'd venture into the world of vdpau, and am hoping someone can
help me do a sanity check.

My setup:
AMD 3200 Athlon64 2GHz
ATSC hdhomerun recordings
Display on 1080p screen
9500GT 512MB

With vdpau enabled, and using Advanced 2x deinterlace, I'm still at 30%
CPU...but as I write this I realize it is most likely still sitting at 1GHz
freq for ondemand.  Does this utilization number sound reasonable?

I was previously at about 50% Utilized at the full 2Ghz using XVMC on a

The next challege is getting Audio over HDMI.  .

Why won't my SONY HDTV output surround sound (let alone any sound) audio via
spdif connection when it comes in as 5.1 stream via HDMI?!!? Arrgh, its so
anoying!  It works when you're watching live ATSC on the TV, but ONLY for
that use!  You can have analog LR out when your audio comes in via
hdmi...whoohooo.  I'd love to put my mythbox in another room and just run a
single HDMI cable to my TV, but then I can't get surround sound on my sound
system unless I add some extra converter box to split the digital audio back
off the hdmi cable.  I'm sure it was done for some copyright protection, but
that is just going to far in my opinion for the audio stream.  I want to
have the audio on the TV, but want the option for surround sound if I am in
the mood.  Why should I have to buy an expensive HDMI capable amp in order
to achieve this!? They make it so difficult!!!  If you read this gripe,
thanks for listening.  Any suggestions would be appreciated, but I really
don't anticipate any.
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