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Jim Morton Jim at Morton.hrcoxmail.com
Wed Jun 24 11:49:01 UTC 2009

Jim Morton wrote:
> How can I watch shows that www.TNT.tv broadcasts on the Web? I used to 
> do it on my Windows pc attached to the tv but I converted that to a 
> Mythbuntu box (and I love it). Now if I exit the f/e and start Firefox 
> then goto TNT and try to watch something it just says there was an 
> error streaming. The commercials play just fine but when it gets to 
> the show it pops up the error. I suspect it is a DRM issue and since 
> I'm not on Windows anymore it doesn't work. Assuming I'm right is 
> there a DRM package I can install (or is that a Windows exclusive?)  
> that will satisfy TNT? Or should I dual boot? Any other suggestions?
Just for closure - This was TNT's response:

Typically, when all you can see are the commercials then there is a 
licensing issue. You will need to have Windows Media Player installed 
for the video to show. This isn't due to codecs or file format, but more 
specifically due the DRM licensing setup that we have with Windows Media 
Player and the studios.

I don't think Windows has a Linux supported version of Windows Media 
Player so you may be stuck in the same boat as our Mac users when it 
comes to accessing our licensed footage. There may be some sort of work 
around for Linux users but I don't have enough familiarity in that area 
to really help out.



 Jim Morton  

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