[mythtv-users] MythWeb Listings - Display Full Day's Data using horizontal scroll bar

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Wed Jun 24 12:24:25 UTC 2009

On 06/24/2009 08:14 AM, Marc Randolph wrote:
> On Tue, Jun 23, 2009 at 7:25 PM, Tortise wrote:
>> I am interested in making this change.
>> A good example of this working is at
>> http://thomson.tivo.googlepages.com/higuide.htm although it does not
>> scroll the whole day,
>> which would be my preference.  Opening scrolled to the current time would
>> also be nice, I am not so sure if that can be coded so
>> easily though.
>> A quick searching around suggests there is not much written about this, is
>> this ability already built in or where do I need to
>> start?
>> I typically use a 1920 wide display, to display a days data could require
>> three times that width or more....  I generally hate
>> scroll bars but here they are preferable IMHO, especially as the forward
>> and back arrows do not stay in constant places.
> While I agree that it is slightly annoying that it doesn't display more than
> just 3 hours horizontally (I'd like to see a few more hours), is that
> perhaps a trade-off vs. the performance that it takes to generate and/or
> render 300 or more lines worth of listings for those 3 hours?  8x the number
> of hours would perhaps mean an 8x slow down?  And to be honest, 24 hours of
> listings seems like an overkill to me.

MythWeb settings under TV.

Note, though, that the Timeslot size, Number of timeslots, and Group 
timeslots every values have constraints on them.  If you use wrong 
values, it won't do what you want--i.e. it will show a bunch of empty 
boxes (without any title/description) or it will be extremely slow.  
Feel free to experiment or read the code to find the constraints.


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