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>> >>
>>> >>>
>>> >>> My MythTV PC produces empty files when recording, but can be used for
>>> >>> watching live TV.

I am getting this same behavior on KCSM, channel 43.  Turns out that
when I watch live TV and tune to 43, I am actually getting 45 and not
KCSM so when it goes to recored "Volvo Ocean Racing", it records but
as the show isn't there, there is no file.  All it records is the info
from Schedules Direct.  I have not tried to troubleshoot this but as
it gives me the same symptom, although in a much more limited since
than  you imply, I thought I would toss it out there in case you hare
actually having this problem.  I am going to do another rescan when
the machine is free but I doubt this will fix it as I have done so
many rescans since the conversion date.


Hi Allen

Thanks for your reply.

I've checked all my channels, only one of them was wrong & that's been fixed.

One of my tests involved setting up a manual recording by just select the channel & a start & finish time, so the program guide was bypassed. I still got an empty file. :(



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