[mythtv-users] [SPAM] Re: Minimum hardware recomendation

Wade Maxfield mythtv at hotblack.co.nz
Mon Jun 22 23:49:54 UTC 2009

On 23/6/09 10:17 AM, Graham Mitchell wrote:
>> You make good points.  Apparently the 230 is fanless and the 330
>> requires a fan so going with the flow here says use the 230 version.
>> Correct me if I am wrong.
> I'm not sure why the difference with the Zotac boards, but I've got an Intel
> 945GCLF (with a 230), and an Intel 945GCLF2 (with a 330), and the CPUs on
> both are fanless. However, both of them have fans on the MCH chip.
> G

  The whole Atom based machines are designed for low power usage idea 
has been shot in the foot with Intel's reference board so far.  From 
reading elsewhere (Ars, Anandtech, etc) the Atom processor on your board 
uses less power than the rest of the chipset. The Atom itself should use 
less than 8W but when combined with the 945 chipset the system uses 
somewhere around 30W.

  - Wade

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