[mythtv-users] Minimum hardware recomendation

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Mon Jun 22 23:41:41 UTC 2009

On Monday 22 June 2009 17:25:53 Allen Edwards wrote:
> >  With the lid on, it idled in the
> > 80s and hit the low 90s under load.  So I added vents in the lid until
> > it now idles at 72C.  I can't really guess how much of the heat is due
> > to the CPU and how much is due to the GPU, but it's certainly
> > plausible that a second core could push the temperature uncomfortably
> > high.
> That was one of the worries I had about the cardboard box.  Cardboard
> is a pretty good insulator where metal a pretty good conductor of
> heat.  I am thinking perhaps just an old DVD player case I have lying
> around from one of the many dead DVD players I have collected over the
> years.  It may be a little large but would fit nicely over a receiver
> in and AV system.  The other was RFI.  I guess this is less of an
> issue with everyone on DTV so you are not messing up anyones TV any
> longer but if you have any Ham Radio operators around, they are not
> happy with you.  It is nice to put this stuff inside a shielded
> enclosure.

I've found that even "shielded" cases don't help much. Most of the cables 
emanating from a PC case (especially video) tend to radiate LOTS of RF at HF 
frequencies. When I used to run 20 meter CW any PC in the neighborhood was a 
positive horror, birdies all over the place.

USB and Firewere cables are almost as bad as video. I'd guess eSATA is at 
least as bad.

> Allen
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(WA7UBW (former Advanced Class ticket))
Brian Wood
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