[mythtv-users] Storage Groups question

Johnny jarpublic at gmail.com
Mon Jun 22 16:51:45 UTC 2009

> What I did was mount the MBE drive on the SBE via nfs and vice versa.  Then
> I setup the "Default" storage group on both backends to contain the local
> drive and the remote one, so it looked like this ...
> MBE:
> /mnt/sda
> /mnt/remote
> SBE:
> /mnt/hdb1
> /mnt/remote

What you want to do is mount all the drives in the exact same places
on both systems, eg:



The way you have it set up /mnt/remote refers to two different
locations but to as far as myth is concerned that is the same location
(it is more complicated than that, but I think this is what caused
your problem). Then on the MBE set up your storage group with those
locations (both local and remote). Then on the SBE remove all of the
storage groups, including the default group if it exists. Then SBE
will use the storage group that is defined on the MBE, so don't have
to setup storage groups on your SBEs you just need to setup the mount
points to be the same on all the systems and the storage groups will
work automatically (with all of them following the definition from the

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