[mythtv-users] Help adding USB cardreader

Mike Perkins mikep at randomtraveller.org.uk
Sun Jun 21 15:57:29 UTC 2009

Javier Perez wrote:
> Hi
> I need some ideas.
> I ran out of USB internal headers on my motherboard and I want to install an
> internal card reader (one of those that go on the 3.5" bays and
> are attached to an internal header). My board is a Zotac 630i F-E, the one
> with a wifi card. What I did not count on is that the wifi card
> would consume one of the internal USB headers.
> The way I see it I have the following options.
> 1. Find out a low profile PCI-E USB card with an internal header. Haven't
> found out one yet.
> 2. Find out a low profile PCI-E USB card with a internal dual usb connector
> and find out a USB A to header cable.
>     Haven't found out the card yet and so far I think the usb to header male
> cable have been discontinued. I would have to build my own.
> 3. Find out a Serial header to USB converter (Does it exist at all?)
> 4. Uninstall the wifi mini card and purchase PCI-E wifi card to recover the
> USB header. Haven't started yet looking out for this option
>     because phillosophically I would hate it, but if it is the only solution
> then I would do it.
Buy a cheap usb hub and strip it so you only have the board, then hide it 
somewhere inside your case. Connect to the free header. You'll still have to 
fudge a cable from the hub to the card reader, but that should be easier, and 
means you don't end up mangling the motherboard if you do something wrong.


Mike Perkins

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