[mythtv-users] Disk-drive hiccups

Raymond Wagner raymond at wagnerrp.com
Fri Jun 19 05:05:24 UTC 2009

Bob Sully wrote:
> Hi all -
> Over the past several weeks, I have been having occasional instances of
> partitions becoming inaccessible suddenly.  This has only happened with
> the two partitions I use for Myth recordings and for video files.  Both of
> these are large JFS filesystems, have been for over a year with no prior
> problems.
I've been using JFS for several years now, and the only time it has ever 
given me a fault is when I have a machine crash, and then crash again on 
boot.  It trashes whatever it was writing to the second time, invariably 
/var/lib/init.d, which then hoses subsequent attempts at booting.  The 
only way to fix it is to forcefully fsck from single user mode.
> I did notice that when this happened yesterday, the involved drive
> designator changed over from /dev/sdb to /dev/sdd....!  Curiouser,
> curiouser!  I've not seen that happen before.
That further seems to indicate it has nothing to do with your 
filesystem, but something lower level.

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