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Brad Fuller bradallenfuller at gmail.com
Thu Jun 18 23:07:41 UTC 2009

On Thu, Jun 18, 2009 at 3:58 PM, Brian Wood <beww at beww.org> wrote:

> On Thursday 18 June 2009 16:08:13 Brad Fuller wrote:
> > > I wonder if it's just your local station that's the problem.
> >
> > I don't think local stations transcode their material. All are the same,
> I
> > believe. But, I could be wrong.
> Well sort of. Some stations decode the MPEG stream they receive from the
> networkto baseband, so they can insert commercials, then re-encode before
> transmission. Other stations have devices that allow them to insert
> material
> into an encoded stream.
> Remember stations have to switch and otherwise manipulate the video they
> receive from their network feed.
> Both cases allow for all sorts of problems to happen at the local station
> level.

I was under the impression that they've moved on and everyone is doing
insertion now.

Brad Fuller
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