[mythtv-users] Bounty request to enable ITV HD in Trunk .22

John reidjr at btconnect.com
Thu Jun 18 18:23:42 UTC 2009

Another Sillyname wrote:
> OK
> I understand that ITV HD is still not working in Trunk.
> I'm not a programmer but at best an educated tinkerer so it's outside
> my scope to fix it.
> There are a number of tickets and threads about this dotted around as
> well as an existing itvhd.diff that doesn't appear to fix the problem
> (and we'd all prefer the fix to be in trunk rather then a patch anyway
> I suspect).
> So here's the deal, who is willing to take on the job of writing a fix
> and how much bounty do you want for the job?
> There's likely enough people wanting this to raise a few quid and then
> get it incorporated in Trunk .22 (mythtv is pretty heavily used in the
> UK and the football, including the World Cup is likely going to be in
> HD).
> All ideas and proposals accepted
If you are happy to compile yourself, then Trunk plus


itvhd2.diff should apply cleanly and work. I havn't tried recently but it should work on both 0.21-fixes and 0.22. There were two issues, one already fixed by the ffmpeg re-syncs, and this patch merely tells myth to overwrite the wrong streamID that ITV sends based on its PID. 

If your not happy to roll your own, then lobby the mythbuntu guys to add it in as a patch, they run a few "unsupported" patches into their releases.

good luck :-)


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