[mythtv-users] Adjust MythTV brightness during playback?

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Thu Jun 18 13:52:36 UTC 2009

On 06/18/2009 04:28 AM, Neil Bird wrote:
> Around about 12/06/09 16:04, Michael T. Dean typed ...
>> Right.  G is the default binding for "Recording picture adjustments 
>> for this recorder" (TOGGLERECCONTROLS).  And Ctrl+G is the default 
>> binding for "Recording picture adjustments for this channel" 
>   Don't recall seeing a <Ctrl-G> binding, but I've not double-checked 
> yet.  Doesn't do anything, anyway.

<Ctrl-G> only works in LiveTV (as does G)--as they're setting recording 
attributes.  They also only work if you're encoding (i.e. not with 
digital capture).

And, besides, you /need/ to check MythControls to see what you've mapped 
everything to.  I even gave you the names you'll see in 

>> ...   You seem to either a) have something else bound to
>> it or b) have a card that doesn't support Xv picture controls (i.e. 
>> NVIDIA 6x00 or higher).
>   Looks like it's (b) (it's a relatively cheap 6200), which would also 
> explain why I had to jump through hoops with mplayer as well.  Guess 
> I'll stump up a little more next time I buy a gfx card :)

More would have gotten you a newer card, which also wouldn't have Xv 
picture controls.  :)  And, really, getting a 5200 at this point is 
probably a losing proposition as (if it didn't end up there with the 18x 
series of drivers), it's likely to be on the nvidia proprietary driver 
chopping block /very/ soon.

What you can do with the 6200 is use nvidia-settings to set the picture 
controls globally.  The difference is that doing it through Myth will 
affect only video playback.  Doing it through nvidia-settings will 
affect all graphics (including the menus, other non-Myth programs, ...).


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