[mythtv-users] HVR.-4000 not showing the HD channels

Per Jørgensen myth at pbj-design.dk
Thu Jun 18 09:06:01 UTC 2009

Goga skrev:
> Приветствую, Per
>> I have a setup with 2 Hauppauge HVR-4000-HD DVB-S cards in.
>> Under normal use with the original HD-box from the provider everything 
>> is working OK.
>> But when scanning on the HVR-4000 I cannot see any HD-channels and there 
>> should be 16different channels with HD(DVB-S2).
> I use hvr4k too without any problem with dvb-s2 
>> So what Am I missing.
> you should install the s2api drivers - the best drivers is http://mercurial.intuxication.org/hg/s2-liplianin
Normally I've been using the s2-mfe ( sionce I have several frontends on 
my setup )
> scan-s2 - http://mercurial.intuxication.org/hg/scan-s2
> or
> dvb-2010 http://hg.kewl.org/dvb2010/
> szap-s2  http://mercurial.intuxication.org/hg/szap-s2
> the list of transponders for scan-s2 and dvb2010 you can find here is
> http://www.vdr-settings.com/download/channels/CLyngsatSP.tar.bz2
Well started out and was starting trying making this scan-s2 gbut 
getting this error:
]# make
gcc /usr/local/src/s2-mfe/linux/include/ -c diseqc.c -o diseqc.o
In file included from diseqc.c:7:
scan.h:91: fejl: expected specifier-qualifier-list before ‘fe_rolloff_t’
make: *** [diseqc.o] Fejl 1

But since the MythTV does not support dvb-s2 I haven't search that much 
into it. But googled it fast and saw a lot of options for solutions - so 
will try them.
But really i was getting the answer about scan-s2 (haven't heard about 
it) but will gladly hear more for any who has experiences with the HVR-4000

> which firmware version are you using ?
For firmware - I've using this

Evt any better ideas ?
> Goga
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