[mythtv-users] Upgrading from 32-bit to 64-bit and maybe a distro switch?

Jos Hoekstra joshoekstra at gmx.net
Wed Jun 17 17:11:12 UTC 2009

John Haywood schreef op 17-6-2009 15:44:
> Well, its time
> I'm currently running Mythdora 10.21 32-bit, and have just received my 
> new board/Core2Duo combo.
> Theoretically, I should just be able to follow the upgrade guide and 
> dump out the database, configs and install the 64-bit version (the 
> /storage with all media & recordings is on a separate drive), and all 
> should be well.
> However, I was thinking of taking the opportunity to transfer to 
> Mythbuntu 9.04 while I was at it. 
> I have a couple of questions regarding both the upgrade and the possible 
> migration:
>    1. Is the switch from 32-bit to 64-bit as painless as it seems -
>       anything to watch out for?
>    2. if I were to go over to Mythdora, presumably I can keep my
>       /Storage mount, but does Mythdora still use the convention of a
>       different mysql user than the mythtv login account?
>    3. Does Mythbuntu handle the DVICO FusionHDTV Remocon better than in
>       8.04 (I tried and it wasn't pretty)?
>    4. How is Mythbuntu 9.04 at wireless (I have an Atheros AR2414 -
>       based card that Mythdora still can't associate to my wep-based,
>       hidden ESSID -network )
> All help appreciated, as always - and just point me in the direction of 
> the relevant FAQ if I'm asking the already-answered!!
> cheers
> john

Are you changing out disk as well?
If you're not, what's the reason to wanna go to 64 bit? As long as you 
don't use more than 3 GB RAM I see no reason to switch or even reinstall.
I went fron 32 to 64 enabled hardware but still running the same 
install, no need to reinstall anything. The first time you might need to 
change some fstab-settings but I never had to, just change the mobo and go.


Jos Hoekstra

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