[mythtv-users] Post Transistion Problems

Kevin Bailey ke-myth at retriever.dyndns.org
Wed Jun 17 14:50:43 UTC 2009

On Tue, Jun 16, 2009 at 11:50:03PM -0700, Jonny B wrote:
> So, I bought my digital tuners back in april of '08 in preparation for
> the digital transition. I made one of them bowtie antennas that use
> coat hangers and a 2x4 (I used 12 gauge copper romex, but I digress).
> Up until Friday, I was able to tune all my local stations in HD, but
> post transition, I am unable to tune KVIE or KXTV (6.1 and 10.1). I am
> located in sacramento, ca. After searching around for a while, I've
> discovered that both of these stations moved their digital stations to
> VHF frequencies (9 and 10 respectively) on friday. So, now I'm at an
> impasse. I've emailed both complaining about the confusion this
> causes, and the fact that people buying "HD" antennas are going to be
> unable to tune stations because "HD" antennas that I've seen are only
> UHF. Has anybody else encountered this, and if so, what kind of
> solutions can you provide for me to be able to tune the high VHF
> frequencies? Thanks.

I tried one of those homemade bowties. Mine sucked. Barely
20% reception strength.

I bought a CM4228HD last year (now selling for almost half what
I paid.) The "HD" designation apparently means that its tuned
for the new TV band, including hi VHF. It kicks a-- over my CM
deep fringe combo VHF/UHF, even for 7-13. Like 80% versus 60%.

The point being, a VHF antenna may not get you very much
over a UHF antenna, but a professionally-made bowtie will blow
away most anything else. Sometimes saving time is saving

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