[mythtv-users] Post Transistion Problems

Jonny B jon.the.wise.gdrive at gmail.com
Wed Jun 17 06:50:03 UTC 2009

So, I bought my digital tuners back in april of '08 in preparation for
the digital transition. I made one of them bowtie antennas that use
coat hangers and a 2x4 (I used 12 gauge copper romex, but I digress).
Up until Friday, I was able to tune all my local stations in HD, but
post transition, I am unable to tune KVIE or KXTV (6.1 and 10.1). I am
located in sacramento, ca. After searching around for a while, I've
discovered that both of these stations moved their digital stations to
VHF frequencies (9 and 10 respectively) on friday. So, now I'm at an
impasse. I've emailed both complaining about the confusion this
causes, and the fact that people buying "HD" antennas are going to be
unable to tune stations because "HD" antennas that I've seen are only
UHF. Has anybody else encountered this, and if so, what kind of
solutions can you provide for me to be able to tune the high VHF
frequencies? Thanks.


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