[mythtv-users] Some weird issues

Harry Devine lifter89 at comcast.net
Tue Jun 16 22:59:49 UTC 2009

Michael T. Dean wrote:
> On 06/15/2009 10:47 PM, Harry Devine wrote:
>> OK, so I have Mythbuntu 8.10 running and its been great for a while
>> now.  However, I do have some weird issues going on.  First, I noticed
>> that some recordings that were set for tonight didn't get recorded,
>> and they didn't show up in "Upcoming Recordings".  I started getting
>> some errors in Mythweb about some PHP failures, so I decided to reboot
>> the machine.
>> After the reboot, when everything came back, I noticed in Mythweb that
>> a few tables were marked as crashed, so I clicked on "Repair Tables". 
>> That worked, however, I no longer see anything under "Upcoming
>> Recordings", and in my "Backend Logs" page in Mythweb, I notice that
>> both tuners on my HDHR show up as failed.  The 2 tuners on my pcHDTV
>> 5500 card show up fine.
>> Any ideas on where I can figure out what's messed up?  And how to get
>> everything back to a somewhat normal state?
> Either your database is unavailable or your network is broken. 
> Definitely worth starting with an optimize_mythdb.pl (
> http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/User_Manual:Periodic_Maintenance#Optimize_the_Database
> ).
> Mike
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Thanks Mike!  I thought I had that in place already, but apparently I 
didn't.  I just setup a script to run under /etc/cron.daily.  Not to 
sound too dense (and venture slightly off-topic), but what would be the 
best way to go about having the log emailed to me after it runs?  I'm 
sure that most of the time the log would be OK, but if there IS a 
problem, I'd like to be able to catch it early.

As a side note, I restarted my backend server earlier and I still got 
Card 5failed init and Card 4failed init messages for my 2 HDHR tuners.  
I went to my Windows box and made sure I could tune them via VLC, then 
went to my Myth box and ran mythtv-setup.  It could see them there, so I 
exited back out and when the backend restarted, they were there.  Not 
sure what was up with that, but they're back now.

Thanks for the help!

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