[mythtv-users] Comcast analog shutdown time for SF-Bay?

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> Subject: [mythtv-users] Comcast analog shutdown time for SF-Bay? 
> Today is the day that Comcast is to shut off channels 35-100. But, 
> they haven't yet. Does anyone know the exact time? Is it 11:59pm 
> tonight? Or? 

Brad & others going through this: 

We up here in Portland went through this in April. 

The official announced cutoff was April 15. That was the advertised date by which everyone wanting to keep watching channels 32 - 71 (our Standard Cable had fewer channels, it seems) had to have DTAs or STBs installed. 


The analog channels stayed around until April 29. Probably not coincidentally, this was also the date that Comcast introduced a bunch of new HD channels. 

While YMMV, the digital channels which replaced channels 32 - 71 underwent a major shift a few weeks later. The program numbers, and the grouping of channels on the various transports, did not change, but the transports did. For MythTV users, this means a rescan. 

The Silicon Dust support site for the HD Homerun has a channel scanner which is a great way to learn when this shift happens. 
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