[mythtv-users] Another take on large-capacity disk enclosures

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Tue Jun 16 03:03:07 UTC 2009

On Monday 15 June 2009 20:41:59 Boleslaw Ciesielski wrote:
> f-myth-users at media.mit.edu wrote:
> > [I also don't know how common 66 Mhz 32-bit PCI slots are on typical
> > motherboards, so it may be a moot point.]
> Extremely rare. In fact, I think I have only seen them on non-PC
> (non-X86) workstations (forgot which).

I think I have a couple of DecStations (Alpha CPUs) that have them, but I 
agree you're not likely to encounter them.

That was a great CPU, too bad marketing killed it.

Everything seems to be moving towards PCI-Express these days, I think we'll 
see the day standard PCI goes the way of the ISA slot.

Brian Wood
beww at beww.org

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